We know how hectic comps can get, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to stay up-to-date!

Introducing... the PPACS App.

Want to know when your dancer or studio will be on stage throughout the weekend? No sweat, search and view a list of your studio's dancers!


A simple tap on the dancer's name and you'll be able to check the classes they're in across the weekend.


You can then favourite your studio and dancers, for easy reference at any time, anywhere!

We will be updating classes in real-time too - You'll be able to see when a class has started, finished, and when results have been announced.

Jumping into a specific class, you can check where we're up to as we'll be noting who has just left it all on the stage. Dancers who have withdrawn will also be shown.


Once results are presented, they'll also be available by viewing that specific class - easy as!

Helpful information

Class Status icons

When looking at the class list via the 'Classes' tab, or viewing class details in full, you'll be able to see the status of the class by the icon displayed.

  • Clock: Upcoming class

  • Dancer: Class in progress

  • Ok sign: Class is complete

  • Trophy: Results have been announced

Real-time class info

When viewing an individual class, you'll see who has danced, anyone that has withdrawn, and those who are yet to go on stage are represented by their number.

In the image shown here, Dancers 1 & 3 have danced, Dancer 2 was withdrawn, and Dancers 4 & 5 are still to dance.

Favourite a dancer or studio

To be able to favourite a studio or dancer, you will need to sign in to the app. All you need to provide is your email address, and a pin number will be emailed to you.


The pin number is then entered on the app and gives you the ability to favourite dancers and also add your own private notes as well. We can't see any notes you enter either.



Closing the app

To ensure all the information is completely up-to-date, we recommend that you fully close the app if you're not going to need it for a longer length of time. This will ensure any major updates will pull through when you next need to check anything.


App availability

We recommend grabbing the app on your smartphone, however, you can also view it on a laptop or tablet as well.

If you do notice any errors throughout the weekend, please let us know! We can make corrections very quickly, and the changes will show on the app within a couple of minutes.

App Icons.png
App Class Status.png