We're so excited to be able to hold our first Supreme Award this year!

With the amount of talent we see each and every year, we wanted to offer something extra for those who wanted to push themselves that little bit further and compete for some serious prize money!

The PPACS Supreme award is open to any soloist that is also entering other classes at our competition.


Competitors can choose any routine they like to perform in the Supreme Award - it doesn't have to be different to what you have already performed.

You must, however, have danced in at least one other solo class over the weekend (impromptu classes excluded). 

If you have already entered our competition and would like to add an entry into our Supreme Award, flick us an email or PM on Messenger and we'll add you to the list!

Please note that due to entry numbers, this year's Supreme Award will run with only 2 age groups: Under 14 Years and 14 Years & Over.

Junior: Under 10 years
Intermediate: 10 & under 14 years

Senior: 14 years & over

Junior: $300

Intermediate: $400
​Senior: $500

(First place awarded in each age group only)


All age groups: $25

PPACS Supreme Award